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Learning with Fingers & Eyes - Walter P. Chrysler

for some, learning is not best done by reading

While Walter Chrysler was an apprentice mechanic in Ellis, Kansas, he built a working model of the steam locomotive driven by his father for the Kansas Pacific Railway [later the Union Pacific], and in his autobiography, 1937, he wrote:

A sculptor trying to release in marble some shape of beauty that is captive in his mind can give no more loving care and craftsmanship to what he does than was done by me as I created that locomotive model. Of course, that engine had to live within my mind so real, so complete that it seemed to have three dimensions there. That, so it seems to me, is what the fault is when someone fails to learn from books. My fingers were like an intake valve through which my mental reservoir was being filled; of course my eyes and ears were helping in the process, but what I learned with my fingers and my eyes together I seem never to forget.

—Walter P. Chrysler, Life of an American Workman, 1937.
June 11, 2009

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