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Global Warming: Does it Exist? Is It Caused by Human Activity?

"The Skeptic's Handbook", by Joanne Nova

Explorers thrive on good arguments. We conjecture, we are refuted, if we survive we conjecture again (this is what theories are for: they can die in our place) ... after that it's just one thing after another and the whole process happens again. Gradually we find ways of not being wrong about things that only a seemingly short time ago were found to be mistakes. "Seemingly short" may be minutes, or it may be centuries, depending on the scope of the problem.

This "Handbook" was created by someone who only a few years ago argued that human activity was the cause of global warming. The Handbook was written to explain why she now thinks she was wrong. She invites us to consider her arguments.

Explorers Foundation takes no stand on the correctness of Nova's arguments. Participants in the foundation hold a variety of views. However, we do stand by our conviction that rational argument is best responded to by rational criticism, and it is for the sake of advancing our shared understanding through arguments of quality that we provide these links. This Handbook is evidence that the debate is not over. To us, that's interesting ...

The Handbook:

Science Speak — Joanne Nova, David Evans, their work, and the background of the Handbook.

We helped create FullCAM for the Australian Greenhouse Office (now the Australian Department of Climate Change), from 1999 to 2005. FullCAM is a leading carbon accounting model that estimates carbon in plants, debris, mulch, soils, and forestry and agricultural products.

And, since Explorers Foundation sometimes dances on the edge of pathological confusion of topics in hopes of stumbling into the astoundingly unexpected:

GoldNerds — a venture of David Evans and Joanne Nova

Our investment interests led to, which sells subscriptions to fortnightly spreadsheets that analyze all the Australian gold stocks. David wrote "Why Invest in Gold Now?" in 2004, foreshadowing the current financial crisis and explaining why gold is a good investment during such times.

North American GoldNerds:
June 22, 2009

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