glyph 478: thought, thinking, idealism, realism, courage . foundations of civilization . individual vs. herd . post-individuation community . no identity taken from accidents of birth . shared identity among all who passionately and courageously seek truth above correctness or triumph . world alliance of sovereign minds and spirits, of all radical explorers — Vortex Ijtihad


The Moral Courage Project

Created by Irshad Manji at New York University

The Moral Courage Project:

Irshad Manji introduces The Moral Courage Project with an excellent video and strong clear words, among them:

The dream of diversity is increasingly twisted by the politics of identity, which puts us in boxes that we're afraid to bust open.

Our era promotes conformity on various fronts. Either you're a liberal or you're a conservative. Either you're a consumer or you're a loser. Either you swallow the orthodoxy of your ethnic, ideological and professional tribe or you're deemed a traitor. The pressure to identify with your 'own' reduces pluralism to group-think. That's dishonest diversity.

Irshad's Project Ijtihad encourages renewed criticial and independent thought in the Muslim world. Explorers Foundation has invested in Project Ijtihad because we believe it shows the way to a Saracen Renaissance. The word "Saracen" names a great literary, scientific, and business culture that flourished in the 9th through the 11th centuries.

Vortex Ijtihad:
August 13, 2009; edited/updated November 19, 2016

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