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Conceived in Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard

a history of the American colonies from an individualist perspective

In the telling of history perspective is everything. Here is a history of the colonies that became the United States of America, told from the perspective of an individualist who understood freeorder.

Conceived in Liberty is a history of the colonies that became the United States, as percieved by a master provider of tools for explorers, for all of us who value and seek freedom of thought, expression, and action. The perspective offered in these volumes will contribute to the formation of a new and better idea of who we are and what we can become. Stories with great heroes are the ground of everything, and you will find them here in richness that will astonish. This is not the story of our origins as usually told. Prepare to be surprised.

For a taste of the complexity and subtlety of the author's perspective, and to give you hope that you will learn new things, I recommend these audio files. -ls

Audio of the entire book, prepared by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, read by Dr. Floy Lilley — free download in seven zip files.

Separate audio files for each chapter:

iBook, from Apple — $4.99 download

Kindle edition on Amazon — $4.99 download

pdf and epub combining in a single volume all four of the original — free download from Ludwig von Mises Institute (thanks!)
October 19, 2009; edited/updated July 22, 2017

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