glyph 482: book, free market, enterprise, entrepreneurs, venture ... in business, money may be only one among many motivating values. There is a kind of awareness that places money in relation to other things in such a way as to increase overall gain from entrepreneurial work. The authors argue that it can be rewarding to think this through, and they offer examples of what can happen when that is done.


Be the Solution, by Michael Strong and John Mackey

How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the Worlds Problems

Gary Hoover, serial entrepreneur, founder of Hoover's Business Information Service, writes:

In the past, many believed you either went into 'public service' to do good, or you 'went into business' to make money. Few realized that the long-term success of business depends on serving people, not making money. Few realized that perhaps the best way to serve the public was through free enterprise. Whole Foods Market founder John Mackey, visionary thinker Michael Strong, micro lender Muhammad Yunus, and a few others understand these truths. Be the Solution is the best single book to read to understand the emerging ways in which entrepreneurs can change the world.

Michael Strong:, FLOW:

John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism:
November 3, 2009; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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