glyph 483: useful letter, a tool for defense of open space for thought, expression, and action ... David Hirsanyi, Denver Post; Jim Babka, Downsize DC ..... defense of freedom, liberty, freeorder ... spontaneous order vs. excessively imposed designed orders ..... the seen and the unseen (thank you, Frederic Bastiat)


A General Purpose Template for Protesting Legislative Destruction of Market Sectors

Inspired by David Hirsanyi & Jim Babka

Explorers of all kinds need freedom of thought, expression, and action. Each explorer benefits from his or her own freedom, and benefits from the freedom others. Every massive legislative creation empowers administrators to gradually shut down this freedom, as if bindweed is choking a once flouishing berry patch. One day we look around and wonder what killed the berry bushes. Here is something to use against the bindweed. Just fill in the {variables] to match the current proposed disaster. Circulate the result widely. The original letter by Jim Babka will be found linked at the bottom.

Inspired by David Harsanyi's Denver Post article of November 3, 2009 against a Federal Health Care bill, Jim Babka, of Downsize DC, summarized the leading points in clear and direct language. Leif Smith created this general purpose template, knowing that it will serve many future uses.

Note: It may be necessary to adjust the absurd titles of new overseers and departments created by a bill. It is impossible to anticipate the limits of governmental self-glorification.

The Template: Use as Needed

I object to the {big number}-page {House or Senate} {topic} bill precisely because it's {big number} pages long. That's too much complexity.

I object because the word "regulation" appears in this bill {big number} times, "tax" is there {big number} times, and "fees" is used {big number} times. I hate these words and I won't feel too good about you either if you inflict them on me.

I object because you're not going to read this bill before you vote on it, or sit with the federal code to look up and read all the parts of existing law that the bill will change.

I object because the bill will require federal bureaucrats to write hundreds, or even thousands of pages of regulations to fill in the details, and because I'll have to pay for lawyers and accountants, either directly or indirectly, to interpret and comply with this mess.

I object because many of my {sector of the market} choices will be dictated by a "{sector} Choices Commissioner" and an "Inspector General for the {sector} Choices Administration." I won't be able to elect or fire either of these people, and I do not want them in my life.

I object because this bill costs too much, and because you're hiding the true cost in a variety of fraudulent ways.

I object because this bill contains numerous Trojan Horses that will eventually kill free market {sector} in favor of complete government control.

I object because it is increasingly clear to me that my supposed representatives really represent their own party leadership first, special interest lobbyists second, and me not at all.

Please stop to consider that this bill will be imposed on me at the point of a policeman's gun. If I do not want to pay for it, or comply with it, armed men will eventually knock on my door to force me to submit. Do not do this too me!

If you pass this bill, or anything like it, I will never forgive you.


Jim Babka's original, against a U.S. House health care bill, Downsize DC:

David Hirsanyi's Denver Post Article, November 3, 2009:
November 3, 2009

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