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Paul Kayser's Idea of Good Business

advice from the founder of El Paso Natural Gas

In The Pipeliners: The Story of El Paso Natural Gas, author Frank Mangan quotes Paul Kayser, the founder of the company:

I start out on this principle: Find out about the man you're trying to contract with — what he really wants and what is good for him. When you learn that, then aim to give it to him. But at the same time he must give you the things you want. But don't ever get the attitude of magnifying what you want and minimizing what he wants. A man who has made a bad contract is going to sit up nights trying to find a way to break it. If it is a good contract, you can make it much more rapidly, and in the end it will be a good thing for you as well.

"Behind every corporation are, after all, the people who built the organization, not the faceless shell that many Americans imagine corporations to be, but a structure of people with hearts, muscles, minds, and vision." —Frank Mangan, author of The Pipeliners.

The machinery of Santa Rita No. 1, the well in Jal, New Mexico, basic to the events that produced El Paso Natural Gas, is now properly enshrined at the University of Texas, in Austin, in recognition of that well's contribution to their good fortune.

The Pipeliners: The Story of El Paso Natural Gas, 1977 : Guynes Press, El Paso, Texas
ISBN: 0-930-208-06-4
December 4, 2009; edited/updated May 31, 2021

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