glyph 493: postive psychology ... quest serving collaboration and governance


Vortex Eudaimonia

happiness, joyful life, postive psychology, quest serving collaboration and governance

"Eudaimonia" (Greek) is a classical Greek word commonly translated as 'happiness'. Etymologically, it consists of the word "eu" ("good" or "well being") and "daimon" ("spirit" or "minor deity", used by extension to mean one's lot or fortune). Although popular usage of the term happiness refers to a state of mind, related to joy or pleasure, eudaimonia rarely has such connotations, and the less subjective "human flourishing" is often preferred as a translation. —taken from Wikipedia ••• (the original article shows the actual Greek letters)

This vortex deals with these ideas as they apply to individuals, and also to their extension into the work of groups in every kind of venture or network collaboration. Good life depends not only on what you take into yourself, but also on what you choose to allow to surround youself, including organizations that provide opportunity to employ your abilities and providers of governance services.

This glyph will be updated as our understanding of the topic improves and our potential to invest increases.
December 27, 2009; edited/updated November 19, 2016

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