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Positivity, by Barbara Frederickson

reviewed by Jessica Lipnack

Jessica Lipnack, In her blog, "Endless Knots", for Saturday, 18 April 2009, writes of Barbara Frederickson's book, Positivity. These fragments are taken from Jessica's review. It's all worth reading.

...high-performing teams had about a six-to-one ratio of positive to negative statements, whereas the low-performing teams had ratios of less than one to one, meaning that more than half of what was said was negative.

Underneath the dynamics for the high-performing teams was what physicists call a "complex chaotic attractor," which produces unpredictable or novel outcomes.

Jessica Lipnack's blog, "Endless Knots", about virtual teams, networks, networking, collaboration, Web 2.0, writing, and even yoga, knitting, cooking, family, and friends, is a rich source of clues and ideas about explorers and exploration.

Barbara Frederickson, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
February 4, 2010

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