glyph 50: learning . tools . on-demand . internet based just-in-time knowledge delivery . cost-effective re-purposing and conversion of materials


Openworld, Inc.

internet-based just-in-time learning

Corporations are moving away from traditional classroom approaches to skills training because rapidly changing technologies and market conditions require almost continuous learning. They are turning to instead distance learning and "just-in-time learning" solutions that make practical guidance and skills available to individuals at their place of work.

Yet large-scale adoption of high quality learning systems hinges on finding new ways to lower the costs of converting course materials into on-demand learning formats -- and finding cost-effective translation and localization solutions for materials destined for international markets.

Openworld's On-Demand Learning Group is committed to delivering unusually affordable, high quality conversion solutions for education content owners in continuously updatable formats. Our principals have a record of leadership in design, repurposing, and production of new media resources for development organizations and private sector clients at a fraction of traditional costs.
entered before July 9, 2006

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