glyph 516: book, library, collection, fiction, nonfiction, literature, community, librarian, author, bookstore, publisher, catalog —glyph by Pat Wagner



cataloging and social networking for book lovers

LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of books: books you own, books you've read, books you'd like to read, books you've lent out ... whatever grouping you'd like.

Since everyone catalogs online, they also catalog together. You can contribute tags, ratings and reviews for a book, and Common Knowledge (facts about a book or author, like character names and awards), as well as participate in member forums or join the Early Reviewers program. Everyone gets the benefit of everyone else's work. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share. (from the LbraryThing site)

My favorite book and social media site for several reasons: First, an easy (addictive) way to catalog personal, small, and specialized collections of book. Second, a place to connect to like-minded scholars and fans of books, authors, and ideas. Third, an arena to learn from professional book people: librarians, authors, publishers, bookstore owners. Fourth, a way to track book-related events in your community. Every month introduces new features. The cost? Free to amazingly cheap! —Pat Wagner

Two examples of use of LibraryThing: - Explorers Foundation book catalog — one of Pat Wagner's book catalogs
September 24, 2011; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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