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Nevil Shute Norway, Engineer & Novelist

devoted engineer, accidental novelist

Sliderule, the autobiography of aircraft engineer, Nevil Shute Norway

Nevil Shute Foundation ••• — a rich source of information on Shute and his work.

The Paper Tiger Nevil Shute Series: hard to find titles in hardcover ••• — some books that don't show up on the usual lists of Shute's work. -leif

Books by Nevil Shute (incomplete list, July 4, 2011)

Trustee from the Toolroom — 1960
The Rainbow and the Rose
On the Beach
Slide Rule — autobiography of an aircraft & airship engineer
In the Wet
The Breaking Wave
Beyond the Black Stump
Round the Bend
The Far Country
The Legacy
No Highway
The Chequer Board
Vinland the Good
Most Secret — 1945
The Pied Piper
An Old Captivity
The Lonely Road
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