glyph 520: article by Michael Strong, founder of FLOW (Freedom Lights Our World) ... free cities, zones, special development zones (SDRs) ... Honduras ... entrepreneurial opportunity to create new Hong Kong's, Freedom's Phoenix Online Magazine ... EF's vortex Openworld


"Creating Libertopia", by Michael Strong

extendng liberty through creation of free cities and zones

If the word freeorder is used to mean what's good for explorers we can say that the creation of free cities and zones throughout the world is a potent freeordering strategy. Michael Strong has presented the idea with great lucidity and logic in an article originally published in the Freedom's Phoenix Online Magazine for November 2011.

An Explorers Foundation vortex, i.e. a collaboration of researchers and investors intending to contribute to the emergence of freeorder, is devoted to the concept of free cities and zones. See vortex Openworld — articles by Mark Frazier, Spencer MacCallum, Robert Haywood, James C. Bennett, Michael Strong, Christian Wignall, Ricardo Valenzuela, and others.

Water added to dry land allows crops to grow.
Freedom added to land allows everything to grow.
November 21, 2011

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