glyph 542: liberty, freedom . kinds of order . designed order, spontaneous order, composit order, freeorder . Mises, Hayek, Popper, Polanyi, Korzybski, Kropotkin, Rand, Beethoven, Richard Cobden, John Bright ... ... open source experiment ..... biological analogy: nanoparticle, transcription factor, DNA, ribosomes, proteins . venture capital to back infrastructure of a world fit for explorers and the deplayment of tools useful for living in such a world


Freeorder: The Power of Limits to Support Emergence

limits create open space not dense with obstructions

Proposed open source experiment: Let's see if the word freeorder may serve to powerfully and safely convey ideals poorly and dangerously conveyed by the words democracy, socialism, and communism.

Freeorder may drive a shift in point of view as powerful as once was done by the word enlightenment. The word may be shared freely as the explorers among the world's population begin to establish what it must mean.

The word freeorder is a nanoparticle of thought meant to deliver key ideals and concepts of Mises, Hayek, Popper, Polanyi, Korzybski, Kropotkin, Rand, Beethoven, and many others, to an afflicted world in desperate need of them.

It may act as a transcription factor to unlock messages encoded in long suppressed DNA, thereby sending messages to a new kind of venture capital firm, operating as ribosomes to back the production of proteins to make a healthy world.

Freedom is the mother of internal and social orders that support quest. Hence: freeorder — words welded together so no force on earth can separate them.

It is important to distinguish freeorder from spontaneous order. freeorder is best understood as a network of balances among designed and spontaneous orders that supports quest.

See the Explorers Foundation vortex on freeorder:
July 20, 2014; edited/updated January 22, 2017

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