glyph 555: emergence of freeorder, forge, forge builder, weaver, weaver of freeorder, networks & network generators . quest serving balances among designed and spontaneous orders . ventures intended to preserve and enhance all terrain that supports health, life, personal and shared joy . limits are fundamental to what's good for explorers, within us and among us . limits establish open space in which new conjectures and ventures can be tested . explorers: those who use the best they have been given to make the fullest life possible, and to share the blessings of such life


A Note to Forge Builders and Weavers of Freeorder

forge = freeorder generator

We stand together at the edge of something great. I call it the emergence of freeorder, the collaborative making of a world magnificently fit for explorers, and the development among ourselves of a people magnificently fit to live in such a world.

Such emergent collaboration depends on limits, differences, factions, lack of agreement, competition for resources of vision, mind, spirit, and matter.

This is a collaboration beyond design, beyond possible agreement, founded on the deepest possible respect for the incomprehensible, inevitable, divergence of individual patterns of exploration.

There is a unity beyond all imaginable unities that only our respect for differences and limits can make possible.

Millions of individuals each differently probing the edge of chaos leave behind us a reef of unforeseen substance and beauty.

Our work will be preservation of the sea that makes such unplanned emergence possible.
September 12, 2015; edited/updated December 23, 2019

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