glyph 557: F. A. Hayek, Charles G. Koch . power, law, abstract rules, economics, politics, business ... freeorder in the construction of civil governing entities and in business ventures ... designed for emergence, for the utilization of dispersed and often tacit knowledge ... how counter-intuitive limits work to mutual advantage in societies and in ventures of all kinds ... avoidance of the fatal conceit (Hayek's phrase) of complete knowledge


The Greatest Discovery of Mankind - Hayek's Insight

the power of abstract rules of just conduct

The possibility of men living together in peace and to their mutual advantage, without having to agree on common concrete aims, and bound only by abstract rules of conduct, was perhaps the greatest discovery mankind ever made. —F. A. Hayek, Law, Legislation and Liberty, 1976, U. Chicago, Vol. 2, pg. 136.

This quotation is found at the beginning of Charles G. Koch's Good Profit, 2015, and is an indication of the worth of his book. -leif
November 26, 2015; edited/updated May 28, 2016

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