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Aribac Alianza Network, Nogales, Arizona

A informal bi-national network of professionals

Aribac Alianza is a network woven by Barbara Johnson of Marana, Arizona. Although Alianza Marketing ceased operations during 2005 the informal network continues ...

Barbara is now (October 2007) the director of the Explorers Foundation, and a Director of Public Works for the City of Marana, Arizona. She may be reached by email at: barbara.johnson "at" explorersfoundation "dot" org -leif

Alianza is the Spanish word for "alliance." Its meaning embodies the relationship we share with fellow participants in our network, our colleagues and suppliers, and most importantly, our clients. Cloaked with this spirit of partnership, we work with individuals and businesses to develop effective ideas for their products and services.

Located near the Arizona-Mexico border, Alianza exists in a unique and exciting edge of the world where cultures and economies collide, and, where other nations pass through. It's alive here. Our mission is to bring together these diverse yet interrelated worlds to unite different peoples and display the unique fabric of our region.
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