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The Commonwealth Union: Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

FAQ: A Reference Design, by James C. Bennett

The current FAQ is version 1.0, published May 23, 2016

Bennett's introductory paragraph:

Quietly, beneath the radar, a new idea is gathering interest and support in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the smaller Realms over which Queen Elizabeth still reigns. It is the idea that these four nations, and eventually others in the Commonwealth, should form a new federation with free trade, free movement of people, a mutual defence guarantee and combined military capabilities where appropriate, and a limited but effective confederal entity carrying out infrastructure and other mutual development projects currently beyond the ability or willingness of any individual Realm to carry out. Once dismissed as a nostalgic reprise of Empire, or an impractical fantasy, more and more people are realising that in the era of the Internet and cheap global air travel, common language, law, history, and traditions of government count for more than geographical proximity. This FAQ presents one 'reference design' of what such a Union could look like, as a basis for discussion. Others are possible. I am currently writing several books, non-fiction and fiction, based on this concept and its possibilities for the future. This will serve as an introduction to those works. If you find this interesting, I invite you to explore and follow further.


The Commonwealth Union FAQ is here:

A link to the FAQ and other information will be found on the Facebook page for the Anglosphere, featuring posts from James C. Bennett, Iain Murray and others:

"Brexit and Beyond: Why Americans Should Support British Exit From the European Union, and What Could Come Next", by James C. Bennett, April 2016:
May 23, 2016; edited/updated May 28, 2016

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