glyph 568: cities . design . spontaneous order ... Renaisannce Rules, blog by Randy D. Bosch, architect ... italy ... freeorder: quest serving emergence of spontaneous orders resulting from human actions but not from human design (see the work of F.A. Hayek) . small designed orders summing to large spontaneous orders that appear to have been designed


Venice Quilt

a result of human action but not of human design

"There is a pattern to this Quilt, assembled and nurtured for over 1500 years. Most observers wonder if there is a pattern, how it can be seen, traced, and comfortably used.

"The Venice pattern was formed through the creative absorption and transformation of classical values, periodically cleansed, refined of corruption and impurities to regain its rightful course - refined by the Lagoon, the Sea, distant lands and cultures, and by Venetian innovation. Those creative values drew from Venice's mainland Roman heritage, infused with Byzantine order, far before Florence became a cultural and political force. Venice is something that the Florentine Renaissance could simply never understand, could not stand to leave alone."

December 3, 2016

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