glyph 582: Robert Walpole, Prime Minister of Britain . peace, war, abstention from foreign intervention ... history, Britain, France, Spain . slave trade, slavery, battle for monopoly of ... Murray N. Rothbard, Conceived in Liberty, a history of the American colonies ... free audio recording of the chapter


The Great Robert Walpole

Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1721-1742

Conceived in Liberty, Book II, Chapter 36, 'King George's War' (begun 1739)

... standing athwart all rising pressures for renewed aggression against France was the great Walpole, who brought to his long rule an overriding love of peace and opposition to foreign meddling and aggression.

Robert Walpole ... brought to the Whig party a policy of consistent liberalism: of quiet minimal government, of low budgets and taxes, of little intervention at home coupled with peace, quiet, and minimal government meddling abroad. He thus not only kept Britain at peace for a generation, but also brought to the Whig party an internally consistent liberal program. From that time on, the Whig tradition remained one of liberalism ...

Audio recording, available without charge from the Ludwig von Mises Institute
October 24, 2017

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