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Hayek's Essay: "The Use of Knowledge in Society"

discussion (audio): Jeffrey Tucker, Kirk Dameron, Stephen Macaskill

An insightful and instructive introduction to Hayek's key insights into social process, dispersed knowledge (recorded and tacit), emergent order, and complex adaptive systems. Hayek's essay is fundamental to the comprehension of freeorder.

"While today decentralization seems like a revelation, one thinker more than any other stands as its chief proponent. In 1945 Friedrich Hayek bucked the post war fashion of command-control thinking and announced the futility of central economic or societal planning. His essay, The Use of Knowledge in Society, is a concise and accurate argument for the organizing principles of the internet, horizontal organizations, and blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum."

"Guests: Jeffrey Tucker: CLO of, Director of Digital Development at The Foundation for Economic Education; Stephen Macaskill: President, Blockchain Association of New Zealand, former CEO of Amagi Metals an e-commerce precious metals company.; Kirk Dameron of ConsenSys, Adjunct Professor Regis University, VP of Operations, Altius Space Machines"

The original article, published in The American Economic Review, September 1945:

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