glyph 588: entrepreneurial initiative, enterprise, venture ... customized law, governance, community, housing, education, health care, happiness, well being ... competition, regulatory arbitrage ... Startup Societies, LEAP Zones, Startup Cities, Charter Cities, Polycentric Law ...balance: experimentation, feedback, re-investment ... Michael Strong . Perceptual Salience ..... Euclid, St. John's College :-)


Radical Social Entrepreneurs

an introduction to Strong's Law

Consider Strong's Law:

Ceteris paribus, properly structured free enterprise always results over time in higher quality, lower cost, and more customized products and services.

Strong's Corollary:

This theorem applies just as forcefully to the entrepreneurial supply of law, governance, community, housing, education, health care, happiness, and well being as it does to technology. Our world suffers because we have not allowed entrepreneurial initiative to fully address the most important issues facing humanity.

This essay directs attention to things essential to the emergence of freeorder.

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November 30, 2017

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