glyph 590: economics, computation, emergence ... F. A. Hayek, Phil Salin, Gayle Pergamit, Chris Peterson, Jim Bennett, Don Lavoie, Alan Kay, Eric Drexler, Ted Nelson, Roger Gregory, Mark Miller, Brad Cox, Ilya Prigogine, Isabelle Stengers, Marvin Minsky, Michael Polanyi, Ludwig Lachmann, and many others ... a history of the Agorics Project . virtual, electronic markets, encryption, encrypted communications . crypto-currencies, blockchain, bitcoin ... machine learning, aritificial intelligence, emergent AI . beyond constructed rational designs ... possibility of agoric mental experiments, modeling economics as emergent from individual values and choices, as descibed in the work of Austrian School economists


High Tech Hayekians, by Don Lavoie

precursors, origins, and potential of the agoric approach to computation

All of the work described in this paper by Lavoie is deeply and inextricably connected with the development of the concept of freeorder. One of the key players in the development of this thinking, Phil Salin, personally introduced me to some of the key players. -Leif Smith, Explorers Foundation

Miller, Drexler, and Salin deserve our thanks for introducing Hayekian ideas to the computer science community, and we certainly encourage computer scientists to follow up directly on their work. Conceivably, we economists might be able to introduce theoretical principles to computer scientists that could help them address their problems. But a more likely benefit of our taking up these questions is that, by applying our existing economics to the study of computational processes, we might help improve our economics, and that may help us think more clearly about human economies, which is, after all, what we are really interested in.

Many (or most) of the foundational concepts leading to the appearance of Blockchain and crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, are discussed here, in Lavoie's paper: High Tech Hayekians (pdf)

Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, Literature

This paper was taken from — where it was still to be found as of the creation of this glyph, December 10, 2017. It was put here to contribute to a deserved long life. Thank you, Phil •••, Don •••
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