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Special Zones: Blockchain Tokens to Free the World

the monetization of freeorder

Add water to dry land and plants grow. Add freedom in a world of kleptocratic crony-capitalist-socialist governments and people grow.

We can inspire competition among ventures seeking to monetize freedom by employing financial leverage resulting from purchase of low-value land, adding liberty (quest supportive governance services), water, soil, pedagogy, ecological services, and new materials and methods to lower costs of growing, manufacturing, and computation.

Special (or Free) Zones Tokens, call them SZTokens, will combine venture philosophy and venture capital.

An SZToken will represent an ownership share in a portfolio of investments in real estate, infrastructure, education, governance, ecological skills, and software, all supporting special zones deemed worthy of Statues of Liberty at their portals.

Multiple competitive and collaborative portfolios will grow in value as the productive forces of zone residents and partners are liberated.

Advisory committees, governing boards, and management will consider applications for investment and recommend actions and placement of funds.

As projects succeed variations will emerge; productive differences of emphasis will be found.

Close collaboration with participants in freeorder generators such as Atlas Network, Foundation for Economic Education, Institute for Humane Studies, Cato, Independent Institute, Ludwig von Mises Institute, will help spread the idea throughout the world.

SZToken ventures will integrate the compassionate idealism of socialists and libertarians with sound economics, pedagogy, ecology, and governance.

Conversations like this will be heard everywhere:

Every possible answer to this question will advance the understanding of freedom.

SZTokens, on blockchain, will let ideas of freedom ride a wave now racing through the world.


James C. Bennett, author of The Anglosphere Challenge, has commented: "This is a very interesting proposal. If executed well to avoid some of Bitcoin's problems, it would be a superior form of cybercurrency while at the same time permitting the monetization of the potential of free zones. Basically, you are backing the currency with the difference between the value of human enterprise and creativity in a well-executed free zone and the same amount of enterprise and creativity in a less free system. The currency can grow as the value created by the zones grows, avoiding both the deflation traps of commodity backing and the inflation traps of arbitrary or no backing at all."


Published on Steemit & Patreon, and a few Facebook groups, Feb 1, 2018
January 22, 2018; edited/updated March 2, 2018

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