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Startup Societies Foundation

small territorial experiments in government

"Our mission is to connect, educate and empower small territorial experiments in government — all over the world." — Startup Societies FoundationJoe McKinney, CEO, on LinkedIn:

A startup society is typically a small territorial experiment in government. For centuries, innovators have created enclaves to escape institutional barriers. America itself was created to escape religious persecution in Europe. The startup societies of today are making the world into a more diverse and competitive place.

Since the foundation of society is good governance AND "good government" means different things to different people, new startup societies can improve lives by providing a space to experiment with new ideas and provide competitive pressure to existing states.

Startup societies (SEZs, eco villages, micro states, intentional communities, seasteads and smart cities) typically operate in isolation. No support network. This leads to a greater likelihood of failure due to a lack of connections, information and resources.

Our mission is to connect, educate and empower small territorial experiments in government — all over the world.

Startup Societies Foundation studies, promotes, and connects startup societies. We want to create a vibrant, global startup societies industry through international conferences, investment summits, digital content and academic studies.

Startup Societies Foundation does not endorse any ideology or ideal society. We believe that there must be a multiplicity of options to test, from private cities and SEZs to collectivized communes. Their success depends on empirical evidence. In order to apply the scientific method to societies, we must have a large sample size.

We intend to build alternatives to traditional politics, business, culture and technology.

From the LinkedIn page of Joe McKinney, also CEO of Nuhanse Network, Inc.

February 5, 2018

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