glyph 597: servant leadership, Robert K. Greenleaf ... concurrent satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the status quo ... sense of purpose, centering, seeing whole human beings . trust . alternatives to competition ..... great executive leadership schools: IBM, GE, AT&T


Entheos - The Spirit Which Defines and Motivates

Reflections of Robert K. Greenleaf

Entheos - the power of actuating one who is inspired, while enthusiasm is seen as its less profound, more surface aspect. It lifts people above the prosaic and gives them a sense of timelessness. It is the prod of conscience that keeps one open to knowledge, so that one can be both aware and sensitive, when the urge to be comfortable would keep the door closed.

The paradoxes of entheos

The indicators of entheos

The ultimate test of entheos - an intuitive feeling of oneness, of wholeness, of rightness; but not necessarily comfort or ease.

Robert K. Greenleaf, author of Servant Leadership was the founder of one of three early great executive schools. One was at IBM, founded by Lou Mobley, author of Beyond IBM; another at General Electric, created by Morehead "Buzz" Wright; and the third by Robert Greenleaf at AT&T.
April 6, 2018; edited/updated February 1, 2019

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