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Lusosphere — an emerging network commonwealth

Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere, 2018

Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere, edited by Valnora Leister, 2018, draws attention to a network commonwealth developing along the pattern described in James C. Bennett's book, The Anglosphere Challenge, 2004.

Table of Contents (Rowman & Littlefield, publisher)

Mark Frazier, Chairman, Startup Societies Foundation, from the Lexington Press summary:

Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere maps how Brazil and the network of Portuguese-speaking countries—the 'Lusosphere'—are using digital technologies in new ways to expand opportunities at all levels of society. From a diverse range of perspectives across the Portuguese-speaking world, contributors to this book explore such questions as the capability of information technologies to encourage social inclusion in the face of economic inequality, the kinds of cultural values that may replace those of the scarcity-based industrial era, and the potential emergence of a virtual world order based on soft power, given the failures of hard power alternatives.

James C. Bennett writes:

In 2004 I suggested that in addition to the English-speaking world, the other great globe-spanning digital cultural-linguistic communities merited study as entities in and of themselves, and coined the parallel term Lusosphere for the Portuguese-speaking world, as one such. Now I am delighted to see Valnora Leister and her contributors take the lead in an excellent book doing exactly that. This is a readable, thought-provioking effort that is worthwhile reading for Lusophones, Lusophiles, or just anybody interested in the shape of our common future.

Leif Smith, Explorers Foundation, writes:

An old and rich legacy of trade, culture, and learning mutually involves the now emerging network commonwealths of Anglosphere and Lusosphere. When James C. Bennett, author of The Anglosphere Challenge, speaks of such commonwealths he foresees that they may evolve to become players in a 'concert of civilizations.' In some ways regions of intersection (physical & digital) shared by network commonwealths are analogous to forest edges where an astonishing variety of life may be found. Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere may inspire unexpected ventures along its Anglospheric edges. I hope to enjoy being there with notebook and field glasses.

The Lusosphere - An Emerging Global Community - a website organized by Valnora Leister, editor of the book
June 21, 2018

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