glyph 602: order, patterns, convergence ... Peter Kropotkin, siberian mountains, structure ... generalization, illumination, joy ... quest, flow, resonance


Peter Kropotkin, on patterns

spiritual nature of pattern finding

Peter Kropotkin, the geographer who discovered the structure of the Siberian mountains, understood the spiritual qualities of pattern finding:

There are not many joys in human life equal to the joy of the sudden birth of a generalization, illuminating the mind after a long period of patient research. What has seemed for years so chaotic, so contradictory, and so problematic takes at once its proper position within an harmonious whole. Out of a wild confusion of facts and from behind the fog of guesses, contradicted almost as soon as they are born—, a stately picture makes its appearance, like an Alpine chain suddenly emerging in all its grandeur from the mists which concealed it the moment before, glittering under the rays of the sun in all its mightiness and beauty.

Peter Kropotkin, Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Taken from "Thoughts on Wizards," by Leif Smith
July 8, 2018; edited/updated July 16, 2018

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