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The Independent Whig

writings of Trenchard and Gordon: early sparks of liberty, 1720-21

English journalists John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon later published Cato's Letters. The Independent Whig inspired New Yorker, and Yale graduate, William Livingston and his friends to publish a weekly paper, "The Independent Reflector".

All four volumes of The Independent Whig are available in many forms through Libery Fund's Online Library of Liberty.

The significance of these publications is explained by Murray N. Rothbard in Vol 2, Ch 32 of Conceived in Liberty.

The Indepndent Whig:

A reading of Rothbard's V2, Ch 32:

The Independent Reflector (title page, full access though membership fee):

Explorers Foundation's vortex Archer:
February 1, 2019

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