glyph 606: the unexpected and the unexpectable, kinds of order: spontaneous, designed . exploration, discover, quest . complex adaptive systems . economics, government, creativity, art . avoiding the fatal conceit, F. A. Hayek . enterprise aimed at social transformation without coersion . liberty, freedom . a possible future for the human race ... conservatisim, liberalism, progressivism. enlightenment, democracy .... limits to control, benefits of deliberate abstention from attempts to control things that are within our power to control


freeorder - the origin of the word

a question asked by F. A. Hayek

Inspired by Hayek's Postscript: Why I Am Not a Conservative to his 1960 book The Constitution of Liberty, I tried to find a general term to name a long sought condition of enlightenment and liberty, and failing to find one of adequate breadth and evocative power, I proposed that freeorder would serve. The word names a deep concept binding together kinds of order and quest, signifying a durable path to personal and shared adventures that for some of us enrich life with wonder and meaning. -leif smith

Freeorder Bridge: from here to there, version 0.95 — a five page essay (pdf) about how we may cross an apparently impossibly wide strait separating tyranny from liberty. — more thoughts on freeorder

"Why I Am Not A Conservative" by F. A. Hayek
April 1, 2019; edited/updated April 2, 2019

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