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Dare to be a Daniel: Christian Witness in the Political Arena

by John Andrews

John Andrews writes:

At the capital city of the greatest nation on earth, in the court of the supreme ruler, a young man from far away is appointed to a high position of trust. He is glad for the opportunity to use his God-given talents in helping see that the country is well governed.

But then comes a decree that the supreme ruler is to be regarded as exactly that. Not supreme under God, but supreme, period. The ultimate authority for what is right and wrong, what is good or evil, what is true or untrue.

What is the young man to do? He has a choice to make. Will he continue every day, as he has done all his life, bending the knee to the King of heaven? Or will he bow to the earthly king alone?

The young man says no. He will bow to God alone — honor him above all others — trust him whatever the consequences. He does that. And God sees him through.

freeorder, a concept fundamental for Explorers Foundation, is about quest serving balances among designed and spontaneous orders enabled by limits. In this article, Andrews describes an important limit and offers reasons to regard it as important.

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May 18, 2019

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