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What does it mean to be Entrepreneurial?

by Gary Hoover, American Business History Center

Gary Hoover, a founder of the American Business History Center in 2019, writes about people who are deeply curious about means and processes that lead to improved products and services. When they find a new way to solve a problem and then do something about it they are called "entrepreneurs." Such people are often inspired by a vision of what their customers would be able to do if only they could ... or if only they had ... — and then they seek to find a way to make the could and the had become reality. When they do it at a cost that more than covers the resources needed they profit, and can do more, otherwise they lose, and must do less. This school of profit and loss has developed some remarkable and fascinating people. Their stories make the essence of the American Business History Center.

What does it mean to be Entrepreneurial?

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June 21, 2019

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