glyph 615: engines of social transformation . emergent order . design for emergence . focus on better balances among designed and spontaneous orders, within each of us and among us . integrating forges (freeorder generators) . strategy for catalysis of spaces fit for explorers that also prepare us to live in such spaces ... Office for Open Network, Denver, 1975-2000


Freeorder Network

a worldwide whole gradually emergent from fragments

The Freeorder Network is for anyone who thinks the vision, concept, and building of freeorder is interesting and worthwhile.

The network is comprised of fragments, most of which are unknown to each other.

Although it is unlikely that there are links between any two fragments, as the network becomes increasingly dense with inter-fragment links a sense of a whole will emerge.

All fragments, imagined together, amount to a global network whose structure arises from discovery processes, the essence of freeorder, internally within each of us and externally among us.

To become a participant in the Freeorder Network simply decide to do it. If you wish, find a keeper of a participant list and add your name, or start a list of your own.

Each list keeper will probably describe the network differently, but will not lose a grip on the fundamental idea.

Pattern Research, Inc., in Denver, Colorado, keeps a list of participants. Our list is private until you are on it. If you think you should be on our list, but don't know if you are, please contact us.

There may be lists of list-keepers. If you find one, please let us know. We would like to be on every such list.

Leif Smith, President, Pattern Research, Inc., a participant in Freeorder Network since 2018. For long before that time I thought that such a global network would be possible and good. The beginning was the Office for Open Network, Denver, 1975-2000.

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About the Office for Open Network
October 20, 2019; edited/updated December 5, 2019

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