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Truth and Lies, the Scale of Institutional Investment

a perspective provided by Paul Johnson

To clearly see our times it can be helpful to study the past as illuminated by a perceptive historian who understands the essence of liberty, and who has a well grounded loathing for tyranny.

Even more than any other decades of our century, the 1930s was the age of the lie, both big and small. The Nazi and Socialist governments lied on a colossal scale, using vast financial resources and employing thousands of intellectuals. Honorable institutions, once celebrated for their devotion to truth, now suppressed it deliberately. In London, Geoffrey Dawson, editor of The Times, 'kept out of the paper', as he put it, material from his own correspondents which might damage Anglo-German relations. In Paris, Félician Challaye, a leading member of the famous Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, created to establish the innocence of Dreyfus, felt obliged to resign from it in protest at the shameless manner in which it helped to conceal the truth about Stalins's atrocities. —Paul Johnson, Intellectuals, 1988

About Paul Johnson:
Some of his books: Intellectuals, Modern Tiimes, A History of the Jews, A History of Christianity, The Offshore Islanders, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Stalin, Mozart, The Birth of the Modern

Paul Johnson's work has contributed to the prospects for the the emergence of freeorder, especially his The Birth of the Modern.
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