glyph 619: thought, action, weave networks, weaving freeorder, weavers of freeorder, freeorder generators, freeorder network(s)


What is to be done?

a quiet, fast, revolution

Imagine a wheel. At the top, collectives — at the bottom, individuals.

That wheel must be made to revolve.

Why? For all who value exploration, curiosity, imagination, wonder, venture, challenge, integrity.

There are many of us. We will turn the wheel. Here's how:

We will tell stories of a new world, listen for adventures, share them, invest in the best of them, and from each we will draw power to turn the wheel.

We will weave patterns of thought and action inspiring networks that change expectations.

We will design for emergence, limit control, manifest strengths, live in freeorder.

This is what is to be done.

On crossing a seemingly impossible strait: Freeorder Bridge — to Freeorder through and by freeorder
January 14, 2020; edited/updated July 4, 2020

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