glyph 623: sovereignty of mind, thinking independently, courage, resisting bullies and a favored uniformity ... education, universities, freedom of expression, independent thought, ratinoal argument as a path to better understanding


Advice to Students on the Fringes of the Moment

Robert P. George to Princeton Students, 2020

For students at any university caught up in a moment of demand for uniform opinion. Here is Robert P. George's note to Princeton students, taken from his Facebook page, posted on 25 Aug 2020.

This paragraph captures the essence of George's advice:

Thinking is not something that can be outsourced. You have to do it for yourself. Don't let your professors tell you what to think. Don't let popular opinion on campus dictate your convictions. If a professor tries to indoctrinate you, resist. His or her job is to educate you. Indoctrination is the antithesis of education. If there is groupthink on campus, the response it should trigger in you is a desire to probe and question. What is to be said on the other side? Are there thinkers and writers who doubt or deny the "consensus"? If so, read and carefully consider what they have to say. Make up your own mind. Think for yourself.

The full text of George's post:
August 26, 2020

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