glyph 629: a word to evoke interesting and useful questions about epistemology, science, psychology, and social orders


What if freeorder is more question than answer

what will we discover?

freeorder may be seen as a question that leads to the emergence of a new social form:

If freeorder means "what's good for explorers within each of us and among us".

If explorer names people who persist in asking questions about things they care about and who do things with the results.

Then, the word freeorder raises questions more than provides solutions:

What is good for us, the questioners, within each of us and among us?

The first thing to ask might be: good? by what standard?

Pursuit of of this question leads to a store of interesting and useful answers, mostly ignored because they fail to advance political and crony powers.

The implementation of things found by this quest will result in emergent social forms that displace authoritarian design.

The sum of those social forms might be called Freeorder.

freeorder —> Freeorder.

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March 1, 2021

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