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The Independent Eye - Co-Creation

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The Independent Eye is a professional theatre founded by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller in 1974, now based in Sebastopol, CA. In 33 years, we've presented 3000+ performances in 35 states & Canada & Israel, as well as public radio series. We act, write, compose, direct, design and do the dirty work. We also write plays for and do collaborations with other theatres. How we got this way. . .

From Bishop and Fuller, August 1, 2011


At last, after two years of work on it, we're between covers. 298 pages of us, at any rate.

Co-Creation: Fifty Years in the Making is our memoir of Bishop & Fuller's fifty years together. We've always been story-tellers, and this time it's tackling our own story: the journey of two young high-octane loners who somehow collided and became fertile. It's about making theatre, making love, making babies, making do, making monumental leaps of inspiration or folly, and making our own souls.

We've made a life and a living in theatre, created scores of stage & radio works all over the country - mostly under the radar but with unforgettable response. Flat tires, grand sunsets, getting lost, getting found, uprooting and re-rooting, and trying to figure out where the hell the road goes next.

Co-Creation is in our individual voices, back and forth like a conversation. It's about our experience in collaboration, risk-taking, and improvisation - both artistic and personal, warts and all. It's neither a how-to nor a confessional nor a key to the universe; it's just our glance backward as we look forward into our seventies, the next span of our work and our love.

So we hope you'll take that look with us.

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