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The Methuselah Mouse Prize

promoting research to extend the healthy human lifespan

The Methusela Mouse Prize organization, which offered the original prize, is now renamed the Methuselah Foundation.

From the original "Methuselah Mouse Prize" website:

The Methuselah Mouse Prize is the premiere effort of The Methuselah Foundation; a scientific competition designed to draw attention to the ability of new technologies to slow and even reverse the damage of the aging process, preserving health and wisdom in a world that sorely needs it. A financial award derived from private donations is won by the research team that breaks the record for the world's oldest mouse. Once healthy life-extension is demonstrated in mice, the attitude that 'aging is inevitable' will no longer be possible and will give way to an all-out "war on aging". The funding necessary to develop human interventions will be then be made available. The Prize will use the ancient incentives of competition, money and fame to harness the power of human ingenuity to fight an ancient problem. Will it work? With your help, it cannot fail.
entered before July 9, 2006; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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