glyph 512: oceans, sea, "new land" ... common property, commons ... homesteading, seasteading ... evolution of property, proprietarian solutions vs. command and control solutions ... conservation, ecology ... common law, international law, negotiation of rights ... emergent law arising from solutions found by ungoverned people ... Seasteading Institute


Charting the Course: Toward a Seasteading Legal Strategy

research paper by Dario Mutabdzija and Max Borders

"Charting the Course: Toward a Seasteading Legal Strategy" ••• (pdf, 34 pages)

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

  • What is Seasteading and Why Do We Think it is Worth Working Towards?
  • What is Our Objective for This Two Paper Legal Strategy Series?
  • An Incremental Legal Strategy
  • The Adjacent Possible

II. Critical Questions on Seasteading and Law

  • What is the Mission of The Seasteading Institute in the Short to Medium Term?
  • What Kinds of Legal Challenges Do Seasteaders Face?
  • Why do We Need to Address Some of These Legal Challenges Now?
  • How Important Is Political Sensitivity To The Seasteading Institutes' Mission?

III. Overview of the Frameworks Governing the World's Oceans

  • The Historical Background of the Law on the Sea
  • Regulatory Frameworks Governing the Worldsê' Oceans
  • Territorial Waters
  • Contiguous Zone
  • Exclusive Economic Zone
  • High Seas
  • A Red Flag For Seasteaders

IV. Managing the Global Commons

  • Legal Solutions for the Future of the Management of the International Commons
  • Seasteading as a Set of Solutions

V. Summary

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