glyph 93: use of knowledge in society, distributed knowledge, tacit knowledge, certainty & falibility ... epistempology, governance, philosophy, ethics ... danger of systems allowing people who don't know to give orders as if they do know ... One Ring to Rule Them All ... Mont Pèlerin Society


The Fatal Conceit - by F.A. Hayek

rule by people presuming knowledge they do not have

Review by Robert Taylor, published by The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), founded 1946 by Leonard E. Read.

"At the ripe old age of 90, Nobel Laureate Friedrich von Hayek has loosed one final curve ball at the academic world."

The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism, by F. A. Hayek, The University of Chicago Press, 1989

Editorial Foreword
Introduction: Was Socialism a Mistake?
1. Between Instinct and Reason
2. The Origins of Liberty, Property and Justice
3. The Evolution of the Market: Trade and Civilisation
4. The Revolt of Instinct and Reason
5. The Fatal Conceit
6. The Mysterious World of Trade and Money
7. Our Poisoned Language
8. The Extended Order and Population Growth
9. Religion and the Guardians of Tradition
Editor's Acknowledgements
Name Index
Subject Index

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